TEAOX, a Tea of O-Zero to X-Ten (Hero), means a perfect blend, a Tea of new generation. As time runs so fast and beliefs, concepts and ideas are changed so fast, new generation is defined by the people who change themselves with time to time. Who are always ready to adopt something new, who are always eager to initiate, who do hard work, who relax in their work, who firmly believe in themselves, and YES, that is the origin of TEAOX and it simply spreads “I can, I will”.

Chairman’s Perspective

Tea is well accepted morning drink from Kutch to Agartala and Ladakh to Kanyakumari. It is an ancient drink of India; people have been drinking Tea in India since thousand years ago. I think, in India Tea is not only drink but culture too. Culture?! YES ! It is. In India there is a strong belief that “Jiski Subah ki Chai bigidi uska din bigda” Infect there are many people who take bed tea first and then start their daily routine. Means, people are crazy for their morning Tea.
We are in Tea manufacturing since 82 years and have been serving well with good brand named teas. But now I and my team want to do something crazy for tea lovers. So we have come out all those conservative ideas and styles in this business.
We have set a thought process that People should get energy though our Tea as it contains antioxidant which detoxifies mind, body and soul. People should feel fresh by heart so they can help others too. They should feel strength in health so they can confidently say that ‘I Can, I Will”.
So we shall spread the concept TEAOXING which means Health & Humanity and Spread the idea about TEAOXING which means Confidence & Courage.

Finally, we want to spread the new culture for new generation globally in years ahead.


TeaOX is Trust, your loneliness will move, you will be energized. TeaOX is Task, You will feel nothing impossible and you will do it whatever you want to. TeaOX is Trend, World will follow you.

People across the globe rush for smartness and success and TeaOX is the only element which helps your all desires and needs because TeaOX is a perfect blend made by finest plucked Tea Leaves containing rich antioxidant from Upper Assam which detoxifies the mind & body so you will confidently say that “I Can, I will”.

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