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Tea has been a business for many centuries, but there have been no changes, variations, or experiments with this beverage. While coffee has various types, tea is limited to only a few. Additionally, today’s health-conscious world requires tea that supports well-being. That’s where TeaOx comes in. We provide various flavors of tea, never tasted before, with a garnish of health. Running a tea business for 8 decades, Mr. Chintan Shah, the fourth generation, sought to bring a change to the market, and so this brand was developed.

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At TeaOx, we’re passionate about bringing you the finest selection of teas, including a wide range of premium green teas. But that’s not all – we’re also your go-to destination for top-notch vending machines and convenient instant coffee solutions.

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Our extensive product range includes:

Tea Selection: Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite teas sourced from the finest plantations. From classic blends to rare and unique varieties, we have something to satisfy every tea enthusiast.

Green Tea: Discover the health benefits and refreshing flavors of our premium green teas. Packed with antioxidants and natural goodness, our green teas are curated to elevate your well-being.

Vending Machines: Elevate your beverage experience with our state-of-the-art vending machines. Whether it’s for your office, business, or personal use, our machines guarantee convenience and quality.

Instant Premixes: For those on the go, our instant premixes are a game-changer. Indulge in rich, aromatic coffee in an instant, without compromising on taste.

Instant Granules-Based Coffee: Experience the perfect blend of convenience and flavor with our instant coffee granules. Enjoy a cup of premium coffee anytime, anywhere.

We take pride in ensuring that every sip of TeaOx tea and coffee is a journey of taste and quality. Plus, we’re delighted to offer nationwide delivery across India, so you can savor our products wherever you are.

Explore our range and embark on a tea and coffee adventure like never before. Cheers to great taste, delivered to your doorstep!

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